Sunday, June 30, 2019

Even AI's Need Breaks

I was stalling. I would have to interact with humans as an augmented human... I had imagined it as taking place from a distance, or in the spaces of a crowded transit ring. Interacting meant talking, and eye contact. I could already feel my performance capacity dropping.

Excerpt from Artifical Condition
by Martha Wella

This is a series about a self-described "murder bot", an intelligent, self-aware machine that dislikes being around humans despite having an addiction for all of the media we create.

Reviewers call Murder Bot "anti-social", although it clearly has a tendency to care for people.

As you know, I don't consider myself "anti-social". Only "unsocial". Yet I find "Murder Bot" highly entertaining. There are times when it needs to remind itself to respond to the humans, and also times when it needs to remind itself that humans want more than yes or no answers. I can relate. Remembering to interact is something easily neglected, especially while processing other stimuli.

There are also times when "Murder Bot" just wants to get away for some quiet time. Maybe, just maybe, the poor machine is simply introverted.



Mei said...

I only speak for myself but sometimes I do find pleasure in my imagination of doom for those who irritate me. If only they would give me just enough of them to cause me to feel satisfied with our interaction and no more.

But I continue to smile causing them to think I am engaged with their speaking when in reality I am fantasizing about their doom. To be sure, I am not an introvert but even I have difficulty with those who are too extroverted. ;-)

Zeri Kyd said...

Mei, you're funny. You should write down some of your stories of doom. I'd love to read them!