Monday, July 20, 2009

Specialized Literature

Sometimes I think about writing a book that deals with extreme introversion. There aren't very many books on the subject of introversion specifically; while there are some good ones among those that do exist, they tend to be very generalized. They're often written for (or about) anyone who has experienced even the slightest inclination towards introversion. Sometimes these books are generalized to such an extent that they read like horoscopes, allowing anyone at all to relate. What I imagine doing is writing for those of us whose temperaments there is no question about, for those who fall squarely and deeply within the introversion spectrum. It would be about my own experiences, of course, but I imagine it would include a lot of research targeted towards a smaller percentage of the population. The subject matter would be more specialized; it would cover something between moderate and extreme introversion. I feel that an accurate discussion on the subject can't be had without making it much more focused. And how can it be very helpful if it's not accurate?

Anyway, one reason that I'm pondering this today is that I've noticed that a lot of visitors come to this blog by googling the phrase "extreme introvert." I feel a little guilty for not writing anything particularly helpful here, or at least for not writing more regularly. On the other hand, this is only a personal blog; I never meant it to be anything more important than that.