Sunday, January 1, 2023

On Minglers

The crystal entrance of the banquet hall was fogged by a pattern of handprints arranged in a sort of herringbone. Above the doors, an arching pane of etched glass proclaimed the name of their destination: THE MINGLER.

Adam whispered to Runa that "the Mingler" sounded like some back-alley fiend. Despite her black mood, Runa smirked, and replied that he wasn't exactly wrong about that. "It's a little bit like being strangled with small talk," she said.

Excerpt from The Fall of Babel
by Josiah Bancroft



Mei said...

It is good to see your survived the lock downs. I imagine that for you, they were somewhat more pleasant than for me and two children. lol

Small talk strangles me when it proceeds too fast. Other than that, it has come to simply annoy me which is funny since among the school staff, it is all they seem to do when not in class.

Zeri Kyd said...

Mei, I've missed you, old friend. I did survive lock downs, although somehow I think it led to me working more than before. But yes, it may have been easier for me. I was only locked down with my cat. :-)

I'm glad to see you survived too, although it looks like you've had a lot of changes and big experiences in your life. Best wishes for your 2023! I'll try to return here more often.

Mei said...

Try harder. ;-)