Monday, September 2, 2013

On Things That Make You Go Quiet

The definition for the word "sardonic" at Merriam-Webster provides an example of its usage:

a sardonic little jab that made her visitor quiet and subdued for the rest of the night

I'm not sure what made the visitor quiet, in this case, whether it was the sardonicism or the jab, but it makes me wonder what would do the same to me. In general, either of these things are likely candidates.



Mei said...

A person who would speak so to me would cause my silence also but not from hurt feelings. It would be prudent for I would surely speak something I would regret should I open my mouth.

Zeri Kyd said...

Mei, I'm sure I would enjoy seeing you speak your mind. As for myself, I didn't mean to imply that my feelings would be hurt. Just that I might find myself drawn inwards to 1) reflect on the darkness of the words, or 2) to find better company (namely, myself).