Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Not A Bother

Have you ever been jarred awake from a deep sleep? Or yelled at for daydreaming? That's what it's like to be criticized for being quiet.

Some people will attack the most innocent things. I'm not referring to those who are only making fun. I mean those who genuinely seem offended by quietness -- those who take it personally, as though it's an insult to them. I've been called names because of it, been labelled arrogant, self-centered, and rude. I've even been in scuffles because of it. My quietness has been the subject of countless arguments. It's shocking how much animosity I stir up just by minding my own business. After all these years, it still confounds me how much of a bother being quiet can be.

What should be considered harmless doesn't always feel safe.



Mei said...

I have often wondered at silence being so mistrusted. I too have been made to believe I must have an opinion to express or I am some sort of dunce.

I have one always. It is only it is not always prudent or important to express it.

Zeri Kyd said...

Hi, Mei, I'm glad you understand. I figured you would; after all, I know you've had to deal with your own share of animosity just for being yourself.

The Silent One said...

Thanks for posting this topic in your blog. I've always been ridiculed for being the quiet/shy guy. It sucks but it doesn't bother me like it use to. I just find small talk boring. Conversation really doesn't tickle my pickle or do anything for me. Only innies really understand

Zeri Kyd said...

Silent One, I'm glad you concur. This does seem to be a more regular theme for introverts than anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think if I looked like Yoda, my quietness would be more tolerated. He plays the part of wisdom well because he looks it. But I don't. My silence inspires the assumption that I'm mentally lacking, or spineless to speak up, etc. Nothing could be further from the truth; I'm taking it all in, and when I've come to a well-reasoned conclusion or opinion, I'll speak up. But not before.

Zeri Kyd said...

Anonymous, you leave me wondering what the look of wisdom is. :-) I suppose Yoda gets away with silence because he's so intimidating.

In any case, I completely agree that there are too many assumptions.