Monday, March 2, 2009

Reclusive = Easily Forgotten

This morning, a co-worker messaged me briefly. Here's the bulk of it:

She said: Hey, good morning ... so the beard is back huh?
I said: Ya, for the moment
She said: for the moment?
I said: I need to maintain my disguise
She said: well .. you are incognito anyway... no one remembers you work here anymore anyway ;)
I said: That's the plan


Even though I played it off and pretended that it meant nothing, her last statement affected me more than it normally would have. I guess I'm sensitive lately. Usually I would've told myself that it's good to be able to escape from the attention of people so easily. But today I took the statement to mean that my presence/contribution at work is unimportant.

I suppose this comes with being a recluse. Still, I do like to think that my work matters.



none said...

Your coworkers sound really awful! They may be extroverts, but they do seem to be lacking in basic social skills (politeness, anyone?) and sensitivity.
By the way, I love your blog. I'm an 'extreme introvert' who is just coming out after years of pretending to be an extrovert and nearly killing herself in the bargain.

Zeri Kyd said...

Thanks, "none", and welcome. I'm glad you've decided to rest easy and let yourself be who you are.

Julia Mitelman said...

Thaanks great post